Driver Mentor Program

Learn and earn together.

PAM has a long history of training drivers into the business. We do this through a second-seat Driver Mentor Program that benefits both new and experienced drivers.


Students Drivers

When student drivers come on board at PAM, they spend a minimum of two weeks driving second seat with a certified Driver Mentor. Once their mentor recommends them for upgrade to first seat, they take to the road on their own.

To apply to PAM as a student please fill out this form or call (888) 849-2027.


Experienced Drivers

Experienced, safe, and dependable drivers can become certified mentors at PAM, giving them the opportunity to earn significantly more and help train the next generation of PAM drivers. It’s a great way for seasoned drivers to put their valuable experience to use and advance their careers.

To apply to become a PAM Driver Mentor, please visit this page or call (855) 912-6935.