Lease Program

Start your own business.

For drivers who want to start or expand their owner-operator business, PAM Cartage Carriers’ Overdrive Lease Program offers two ways for drivers to become owner operators or expand their existing operations.



Payments are as low as $499 a week and there is no obligation to buy the vehicle at the end of a lease. At the end of a lease, a driver is free to walk away or select a newer vehicle for their next lease program term.



Experienced drivers are eligible to enroll in the Overdrive Lease Program after just three months with PAM or one year of commercial driving experience with any carrier.

Student drivers can take advantage of the program after six months with PAM.

No credit check required.




FreightLiner Cascadia

  • $499 per week
  • Equipped with APU’s
  • Optional $42,500 payoff at end of term
  • 5-year / 600,000-mile manufacturer’s engine warranty