Monthly Archives: November 2018

Staying Safe During the Season of Adverse Driving Conditions

It happens every year to one degree or another (that’s a pun): Drivers run in to what the Department of Transportation (DOT) calls “adverse driving conditions” during the winter months. According to DOT §395.2, “adverse driving conditions” means snow, sleet, or fog, as well as other adverse weather conditions such as a highway covered with…
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Why Muya Muya, a PAM Shuttle Driver, Comes to Work in a Blazer

Born in Kenya during a period of war, chaos, and bloodshed, and living in multiple refugee camps for a decade, PAM shuttle driver Muya Muya is a professional truck driver with a different perspective than those born into better circumstances. Muya was recently recognized by one of PAM’s automotive customers in Louisville, Ky., for being…
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