Drivers Making Us PAM Proud in the Arkansas Trucking Championship

In 2016, PAM Transport had three drivers participating in the Arkansas Trucking Championship!

An annual event put on by the Arkansas Trucking Association, the championship ran from July 14–16, 2016 at the John Q. Hammons Center in Rogers, Ark.

PAM Drivers Who Participated

Three drivers represented PAM in the competition. To become eligible, they had to meet the following requirements.

Eric Sauer

Eric Sauer

PAM driver Eric Sauer at the Arkansas Trucking Championship in 2014.

6th Year Competitor

PAM Start Date: 08-01-2006

Home: Goshen, Ark.

Driver Status: OTR, Driver Mentor

“For the last six years PAM asked me to participate in the Arkansas Trucking Championship, which I gladly accepted the honor of doing,” says Eric. “It’s a great time and it’s really challenging. I’ve place in the top ten three out of the past five years. One year I actually took third place. It’s a lot of fun seeing different drivers from all over the state and meeting your peers at the top of the industry. It’s pretty neat.”

Robert Flippo

1st Year Competitor

PAM Start Date: 12-08-14

Home: Murray, Ky.

Driver Status: OTR, Driver Mentor

“I’m excited that I have the chance to do something like this because there are pretty strict rules to get in,” says Robert. “It’s great to have this under my belt and be able participate. I grew up on a big farm and I’ve been driving trucks for a long time. Everyone in my family has a CDL so it’s kind of a family tradition to have a CDL. And now, as a mentor at PAM I get to teach what I know!”

Charles Greer

1st Year Competitor

PAM Start Date: 3-23-15

Home: Norman, Okla.

Driver Status: Dedicated Driver (Oklahoma City to Denver), Driver Mentor

“I’m honored to be nominated by PAM,” says Charles. “I wasn’t expecting this for sure. I think the road course won’t be too bad. The only difference is that on the road we try to stay away from objects and my understanding is that on the road course you have to get really close to objects without hitting them. It will be interesting and fun! Definitely will push me a little harder in fine tuning my skills.”

Arkansas Trucking Championship Road Course

The road course at the 2015 Arkansas Trucking Championship.

Thank You for Making Us PAM Proud!

Many thanks to Eric, Robert and Charles for making us PAM Proud in the Arkansas Trucking Championship!

And keep up the good work, PAM drivers! We appreciate you and know we’ve got some of the best drivers in the industry!

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