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Five Ways PAM Cartage Carriers Supports Its Owner Operators

It is an ongoing question for truck drivers: Should I be a company driver or an owner operator? There are pros and cons for each option. For example, owner operators take greater financial responsibility for their truck and its maintenance, however, they have greater flexibility and, potentially, greater financial opportunities. Though it is up to the individual to weigh these pros and cons, partnering with a transportation company like PAM Cartage Carriers (PCC) can lessen the load, giving you a headstart in your owner operator career. 

This month we had the opportunity to speak with a former military professional and current owner operator team member Cody Judkins, to learn more about the ways that PCC helps to jumpstart an owner operator career. He shared five ways PCC has worked to support his owner operator’s goals.

  1. PCC Helps Navigate Your Startup

When Cody Judkins first began working with PAM, he wasn’t entirely sure which path he was going to take. That’s where PAM stepped in. PAM was instrumental in helping Cody obtain his CDL so that he would be eligible to work with PCC. While he was in class, he and a classmate decided to form a driving team and share the responsibilities of being an owner operator with PCC. Cody suggests that those considering becoming an owner operator be sure that they do their homework to understand the risks and rewards, and to connect with someone who can help you define your goals and ideas. As far as Cody is concerned, none of this would have been possible without his teammate and the support of the PCC team.

  1. PCC Assists with Owner Operators With Details

PCC offers assistance with financial details. While owner operators are responsible for the taxes and fees required to keep their business going, PCC supports these drivers in that process. PAM makes it easy by deducting your lease payments and handles all permits; everything is calculated for you. We cover all cargo and all liability insurance, so that you only have to worry about keeping your truck on the road. 

  1. PCC Keeps Owner Operators Trucking

Staying moving! PCC works hard to reduce time delays and keep you on the move, providing routes that earn you as much as $3,500 or more a week with more miles and more fuel incentives. If something happens where you have more time at a drop off location, PCC stays one step ahead proactively looking for additional routes or loads nearby to keep you rolling.

  1. PCC Supports Your Financial Goals

One of the top two reasons that truck drivers make the leap to becoming an owner operator is the financial potential with many owner operators making as much as three times more than company drivers. Because owner operators have more out of pocket expenses (truck maintenance, health insurance, etc…) than company drivers, ensuring that you are working as much as you want is key to success. PCC keeps you busy, so you’re spending more time moving loads and less time waiting. A $3,000 signing bonus, 5% fuel discount, and rescue services are other ways that PCC works to support your financial goals. Plus, we’ve partnered with a medical insurance provider which helps contractors access medical coverage, so you don’t have to give up medical benefits to be your own boss.

  1. PCC’s Behind-the-Scenes Team

Having the full support of a team behind you can make a big difference in job satisfaction. Cody describes his team as a true “family,” adding that not only are they excellent at their job, he genuinely enjoys the relationships he has with the in-house PCC team. “When someone from the PCC team reaches out to me, it isn’t always just about what work is available. They also touch base to check in on me while I’m on the road. You can tell that they really care.” 

When asked about the best thing about becoming an owner operator, Cody references the freedom in setting his own schedule and getting to travel and see the country. He also says that as an owner operator, if he plans ahead, the sky’s the limit on his potential. It’s like this, he says, “As an owner operator, I get to carve my own path, but PCC provides the knife for me to use.”

If you have more questions about the ways that PCC supports their owner operators, or are considering making the change from company driver to owner operator, we would love to tell you more about all the reasons why PCC is a great place to start the process. Give us a call at (886) 401-2496 to learn more!

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