Every driver is different when it comes to the type of trucking job they like. Some drivers like a lot of miles while others like more home time. Whatever you prefer, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to just a few of the options available at PAM Transport via a tour of our four main fleet divisions.

PAM Transport’s operations team is divided into four main fleet divisions:

  • National Van Service (Owner Operator Division)
  • National Van Service (Tours Division)
  • Dedicated Automotive Division
  • Expedited Van Service Division

Each of our PAM Transport subsidiaries, or Fleet Divisions, has something unique to offer drivers. PAM uses this diversity to find the best place for each driver — a place that works with their lifestyle and that gives they a somewhere where they feel they can belong.

National Van Service (Owner Operator Division)

Nick Tschepikow, Division Manager for National Van Service (NVS) at PAM Transport, says that drivers like his division because, “In our Owner Operator Division, the drivers have the advantage of their Driver Manager being able to plan the routes. This perk allows the drivers to choose which areas of the country they would like to operate in. We specialize in ‘Southern freight’ with the majority of our loads being south of Tennessee. By operating in the South, our Owner Operators and lease drivers are able to avoid some of the perceived downfalls of operating in the Northeast, such as frequent poor weather conditions in the winter months, traffic congestion, small docks, and low bridges.”

Another advantage of the Owner Operator Division is division-specific freight. PAM has several customers whose freight is specific to Owner Operators and lease drivers. By having division-specific freight, drivers in the Owner Operator Division are less likely to have to compete for a load.

Randon Russell, Associate Vice-President of Marketing for PAM, says, “NVS offers: great miles, the best customers, desirable freight characteristics, and the freedom to have a great adventure and a great trucking driving career.”

Owner Operator Division highlights include:

  • Dedicated staff of employees 24/7
  • Customer service and load planning personnel average over 10 years of experience
  • Priority planning maximizes drivers’ miles and pay
  • Freight optimization software recommends the right load for a driver’s available hours
  • 29 drop yards with 8 maintenance shop to minimize downtime and increase miles.
  • 90 percent of PAM’s miles are with national Fortune 500 companies
  • 98 percent of PAM’s freight are no touch with an average of almost 700 miles per order
  • Less than 15 percent of PAM’s freight has an extra stop off
  • Almost 65 percent of PAM’s pickup and deliveries are drop and hook

National Van Service  (Tours Division)

Tschepikow goes on to say the following about the Tours Division for Company Drivers:  “The Tours division has several luxuries such as priority planning, frequent ‘through the house opportunities,’ and the ability to operate in a network of closed loops running little irregular-route freight.”

Drivers in the Tours Division operate in and out of a series of closed loops or “tours” of PAM’s densest and most consistent freight markets. By operating in these lanes, drivers can stay near their homes.

Tours Division Highlights include:

  • Division-specific planners
  • Limited night and weekend dispatch interaction
  • Access to weekend freight
  • Majority of shippers and receivers have favorable hours, most of them are 24/7
  • Ability to get by the house more often if you live within the lane areas

Automotive Division

Some drivers prefer the Automotive Division because the lanes are all round trip in nature, meaning they stay in a dedicated loop picking up and delivering at the same facilities each week.

But it isn’t always just the schedule that keeps driver running in the Automotive Division. Due to the service-sensitive freight and the customers’ needs for constant communication, the Lane Managers and division drivers communicate more, which helps build a better relationship between the two. As a result, personal relationships end up being formed between drivers and the entire Automotive Division team.

For example, Kathy Snodgrass, Fleet Monitor at PAM, regularly receives calls like the one she got from Steven Layton, who drives a Ford lane in PAM’s Automotive Division. Steven summed up why he drove for the Automotive Division like so: “Shane Darrin [the Division Operations Manager]  is one heck of a man and takes care of me.”

Darrin explains that trusting, personal relationships like this are easily established because in the Automotive Division, the Lane Managers wear multiple hats as they are essentially the Planners, CSRs, and Driver Managers all rolled into one.  This allows them to field and resolve questions for drivers and customers more quickly.

Ryan English, Compliance Manager for GM at PAM, says that, “Drivers choose to drive for the Automotive Division because of consistency and the staff. Several drivers stated that consistency is the top thing they enjoy most about running GM freight. That includes everything from their home time and miles to the people they work with at the suppliers, to the people they deal with at the plant.”

Sharon Oxley, GM driver for PAM who knows when she’ll be home every week and how long she will be able to spend at home, sums it up succinctly. “I can have a life outside of trucking and the road,” she says.

Expedited Van Service Division

Jon Tomandao, EVS Operations Manager at PAM, says there are a few key reasons why drivers choose to work in the Expedited Van Services Division (EVS) such as:

  • Priority planning
  • Team driving
  • Higher pay for Hazmat teams

EVS has a staff of Driver Managers, Planners, and CSRs that are dedicated to booking expedited freight in order to keep our the division’s teams moving. “Our average length of haul is 1,200 miles per expedited load, which includes in- and outbound California freight,” says Tomandao.

Teaming as part of an EVS assignment can also add other perks besides increased miles, such as help with daily tasks such as backing truck/trailers into docks, Transflo “paperwork,” and communicating with dispatch. Some drivers also enjoy having another driver for camaraderie, sharing responsibilities, or simple conversation while on the road.

Tina Gracia, EVS team driver for PAM, told Snodgrass communication is good and that she thinks the world of her Driver Manager Darrin Neu, who does a great job taking care of her and her husband and teammate, Thomas Gracia, getting them miles and constantly communicating with them. “Darrin Neu is excellent,” says Gracia.

Which PAM Fleet Division Is Right for You?

No matter if you’re looking for increased home time, a regular schedule, or greater earning potential via high miles or Hazmat, PAM has a fleet division — and an assignment within it — that can accommodate your needs. To view current openings, take a look at our current list of open trucking jobs and apply today.

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