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We Value Your Experience.

Earn up to an Additional $19,200 or more per year as a PAM Driver Mentor

The Mentor
CPM Bonus
just tripled!
Earn an additional $4,500

Receive up to $650 per student you mentor to success.

$200 when they upgrade to first seat
$250 when they make it to 90 days at PAM
$200 when they go accident free for 6 months

PAM Mentors Also Receive

Pay for Students’ Miles

Mentoring new drivers requires extra time and effort. That’s why we pay you your standard CPM for every mile your students drive while they are under your wing.

A CPM Increase

Mentors receive an extra $0.03 per mile on all miles they and their students log. If you and your students drive 150,000 miles a year, that’s an extra $4,500.

Six-Up Bonuses

For every 6 drivers you graduate to first seat, we’ll give you $1,000. Take advantage of this bonus three times per year while you work as a mentor for a total of $3,000.

$11,700 + $4,500 + $3,000 =

$19,200 More per Year

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