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Got Owner Operator Questions? PAM Has Answers.

Are you a seasoned owner operator seeking a trucking company partner to help you grow your business? Or are you a company driver looking to begin working for yourself for the first time by leasing your own truck?

PAM recruiter, Barbara Chambers, is ready to answer all of your questions and to help you start growing your own business at PAM Cartage Carriers as an owner operator.

“I hear stories all the time from owner operators, who tell me that recruiters from other companies have promised them the moon, but then failed to deliver on their promises,” Barbara says. “I promise you, if you call me, I will give you straight answers. I come from a family of truck drivers and I’ve been in this business for 26 years. I shoot straight!”

Here are just a few of the most common questions she gets from owner operators and some straight talk answers.

Do You Have Dedicated Lanes for Owner Operators?

Yes. We often have several dedicated lanes available for owner operators. In fact, even our OTR owner operators may run dedicated routes, because there are often different routes each week. You may drive from Arlington, Texas to Laredo one week and then drive a Tennessee route the next week.

How Does PAM Pay Its Owner Operators?

Our owner operators get their settlements every Friday:

  • PAM makes it easy by deducting your lease payments and handles all permits; everything is calculated for you. We cover all cargo and all liability insurance.
  • You’ll get a settlement and your fuel comes out of your settlement. Plus, you get a 5% fuel discount when fueling in our network with your EFS card.
  • We do NOT charge trailer rentals and we don’t charge Qualcomm fees.

How Do I Know I’ll Get Enough Miles With PAM to be Profitable?

At PAM, we have our own freight, so you’re not chasing brokerage freight across the country. We have a stable customer base with diversified freight; we’ve always kept our owner operator drivers moving — even during the pandemic — as much as 2,600 miles a week and more. We have 70% drop-and-hook freight. For OTR we pay all miles: $1.05 + FSC on loaded miles and $1.05 on empty miles.

What Owner Operator Bonuses Do You Offer?

All new owner operators (bringing their own truck on) get a $500 sign-on bonus. PLUS, all owner operators doing OTR get an additional $750 each month if you complete 8,000 safe miles.

Do You Offer Health Insurance Benefits for Owner Operators? 

Yes! We have full, major medical benefits through Enrollment First and NAWP, so you don’t have to worry about health insurance while you’re growing your trucking business.

What Is Your Driver Orientation Process?

Our Straight to Seat Orientation is half virtual and half in person, so you can finish your orientation sooner — on your schedule.

Do You Have My Back if My Truck Breaks Down?

Yes! Your lease purchase truck is covered by our extended warranty. This means if your truck breaks down, we’ll give you a loaner truck while your truck is in the shop. With the lease purchase you build up a maintenance account and we have 24/7 roadside assistance. We have an entire fleet of PAM driver managers, so your driver manager will reach out daily while you’re on the road. We stay organized off the road to keep you moving on the road.

Can You Help Me Build My Own Fleet?

Yes. Our recruiters will recruit drivers for you if you want to grow your own fleet of drivers. And our PAM administrative staff has your back if you need any paperwork help or if you have questions about HR.

How Long Will I Be on the Road at a Time?

Except for dedicated runs, most OTR owner operators will stay out about 2 weeks at a time in order to be profitable. Being an owner operator is similar to opening a restaurant. You’ll put in a lot of money and sweat equity in the first year or so, but when the truck is paid off, you can reduce overhead — and reduce your time on the road. 

Do You Have Walkaway Truck leasing?

No. When you partner with PAM Cartage Carriers we are working to help you become a successful owner operator, so we don’t do walkaway truck leasing. Our truck leasing program is designed for you to own the truck faster — as fast as 6-12 months.

What Kind of Trucks Do You Have Available for Leasing?

Choose from fully-loaded Freightliners and Peterbilts, including 2020 and 2021 models that lease for only $599 per week.

Can I Talk to One of Your Current PAM Owner Operators?

Yes! We’re happy to connect you with one of our PAM owner operators, so you can ask questions about what it’s like to partner with PAM Cartage Carriers. Many of our owner operators have partnered with PAM for over a decade!

Can You Give Me All This Information in Writing?

Yes. After you speak to me or another PAM recruiter on the phone, we can follow up with an email to provide you with documented answers to all your questions. We can also include:

  • Your settlement sheet information, per our phone conversation:
    • Mileage pay and your fuel surcharge
    • Your fixed costs, such as insurance payments
    • Fuel and maintenance escrow information
    • Expected monthly, OTR bonus payments if you log 8,000 safe miles per month
  • Various types available for leasing, if you don’t already own your truck
  • Lease purchase agreement and details, if applicable

Still have more questions? Learn more by visiting our Owner Operators webpage, or click below and we’ll reach out to you to answer your questions in person.

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