PAM Giving Drivers More Financial Incentives to Lease a Truck

Driver news gets around fast, so you may have already heard that PAM just made it easier for Owner Operators to grow their businesses with our NEW low-cost lease pricing for 2018 trucks. Solo drivers can lease these trucks for $379 per week and teams can lease for $679 per week. Plus, we’ll give you the option to buy at the end of two years for only $12,500!

Now, drivers have yet another reason to finally become their own boss, like Owner Operator Gerald Drummer.

After he gained a few years of road experience under his belt and began earning the respect of his driving peers, Gerald decided it was time to wear a new career cap as an Owner Operator. He suggests talking to other experienced drivers who have taken the same route for advice and mentorship.

“Don’t be afraid to have conversations with experienced drivers,” he says. “Learn our opinions and go from there. I’ve learned to appreciate the same opportunity other drivers gave me. I appreciate them for opening the doors for me.”

Drivers like Gerald can try leasing, with no obligation. At the end of the lease, the driver is free to buy the truck, or they can walk away, or they can select their next lease truck.

Take the Wheel of Your Financial Future With Off-Lease Trucks

Recently we’ve all faced a lot of uncertainty – both financially and personally. Leasing is one way to take control of your career and get on the road to independence. It allows you to make more money, own the truck you drive, and give yourself some flexibility by owning your own business.

The perks of PAM’s Lease Program include:

  • No hidden costs, including no Qualcomm or trailer rental fees
  • PAM assistance to minimize your lease expenses, such as access to our corporate fuel and shop rates
  • The opportunity to work as much as you need, because we’ll make sure you can keep your wheels turning  

Let’s take a look at how PAM’s Lease Program stacks up against other truck lease programs. 

It Just Got Easier to be Your Own Boss With PAM 

Most truck leases run $750­–$800 a week for older models or $1,100–$1,200 for new equipment. At these rates, it’s not a stretch to say the goal is to make money from the drivers, off lease trucks. 

But at PAM, your weekly rate is hundreds of dollars less, and leasing with PAM is like having your cake and eating it too. This is because we take on a lot of the hassles associated with running your own business.

Just a few of the ways we make leasing easier include:

  • No cargo insurance: No need to pay that extra $200 a month because PAM pays the cargo insurance for you.
  • Cheaper fuel: You can buy diesel at any of our preferred fuel stops at the PAM corporate rate.
  • Easier licensing & permitting: Fees are paid by PAM upfront and then charged back to you at $50 per week, interest free.
  • Less tax paperwork: PAM pays the annual $550 IRS Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax up front, then charges it back at $20 per week until it’s paid off.
  • Cheaper maintenance & repairs: Because you have full access to our repair shop, getting repairs done can save you thousands of dollars. 

Ready to learn more? Visit our website to review the benefits of PAM’s Lease Program.