Meet Luis Mota, PAM Local Driver

At PAM Transport, our drivers define who we are, and exceeding customer service drives every PAM employee. No one exemplifies this dedication to customer service better than local driver Luis Mota, part of the TRR division.

Dubbed “Mota” by his peers, Luis Mota joined the PAM family of drivers almost 18 years ago. Before he joined PAM, Luis went from warehouse job to warehouse job, with each successive position ending in a layoff. Finally, his father-in-law, a successful truck driver, encouraged Luis to seek his commercial driver’s license (CDL).

“Little did I know that I would find a career that I would enjoy for years to come,” says Luis. After he acquired his CDL, Luis began his new career as a team driver in the PAM Dedicated division (PDS), where he grew his career for 11 years.

But as a married man with a son and a daughter, Luis wanted more time at home with his family. Fortunately, PAM’s TRR division was seeking more regional drivers, so Luis decided to inquire about a career change.

“After running TRR for a while, I spoke to a dispatcher to see if there was a local driver position,” he says. “The dispatcher put me in touch with the terminal manager, who was just about to post a new position!”

Luis became part of the local PAM driving team based in Laredo, Texas, in July of 2011. Since then, he has put all of his efforts into becoming an essential asset to the team. Luis is always taking on new challenges and enjoys staying busy. When he’s not making a local delivery, he’s helping drivers organize the yard or assisting road drivers on days the yard is over capacity.

According to his peers, Luis never complains when things don’t go according to plan, such as getting stuck in traffic due to the lines from the World Trade Bridge in Laredo backing up onto city streets. He says PAM’s positive management style motivates him to do his best.

PAM Local Driver Luis Mota at the World Trade Bridge in Laredo, Texas.

“Even when I was a road driver and stopped at another terminal, I was always treated with respect,” says Luis. “One thing I really liked was that PAM acknowledges drivers that perform well and always arrive on time.”

Unlike some of Luis’s previous jobs, where his hard work was rewarded by the unemployment line, at PAM Luis is recognized for his superior performance. His local District Managers (DMs) trust him to go the extra mile when needed to make sure he lives up to PAM’s reputation to deliver superior customer service.

“Luis Mota is a great local driver who always accepts any challenge,” says PAM DM Jonathan Galvan. “He not only tries to help the company by being efficient, but also his peers by sharing feedback. He is showcasing his talent every day with his experience.”

As one of the more seasoned PAM professionals in the local driver division, Luis is frequently sought out by his fellow office and driver peers for his expertise and advice. PAM DM Lynn Murphy, who worked with him during his PDS days, says Luis earned her trust and the respect of his team.

“Luis was always professional, never refused a load, and was always reliable, which is a welcomed trait.”

Thanks for all that you do, Luis! We’re honored to have you as part of the PAM fleet.