PAM office and shop employees can earn thousands in bonus cash by referring drivers to join PAM. All referrals must be in between April 1 and June 30, 2022, with top bonus payouts announced on July 14. The more referrals that get hired, the bigger the bonus checks in the Spring!

Make A Referral
RPM - Refer to PAM for Money. PAM's Driver Referral Program

Just One New Driver Referral Earns You a $400 Bonus

In addition to new driver referrals, you can also earn bonus cash by referring a former PAM driver to return to our “PAMily” or by referring a current driver to become a PAM mentor. For every new driver hired, you get a $400 bonus once they’re dispatched. There is no limit to how many referrals you can make, so why wait?

How to Earn Your Referral Bonus

Here’s how the contest works:

  • Speak to either a former driver or a potential new driver about working at PAM OR speak to a current driver and see if they are interested in becoming a mentor.
    • Mentor Criteria:
      • If they are a school graduate, they must have 90 days driving since first dispatch here at PAM.
      • If they are experienced, they must have driven for 14 days with PAM before they can apply. Safety requires 14 days of good logs to qualify for Mentorship.
  • Submit referral information in the form on this web page.
    • The referred driver’s information is then routed to Driver Development and assigned to a PAM Recruiter.
    • The Recruiter then reaches out to the driver to get hired.
    • The driver is hired and dispatched.
    • Payroll is then notified by Recruiting to submit the bonus.
    • On July 14, PAM will announce the employees who got the biggest bonus payouts!
  • Bonus Schedule:
    • Mentor: $150 (Driver must get approved by the Student Department.)
    • Rehire: $300
    • New Hire: $400
  • Who is Eligible for Referrals?
    • All drivers not currently working for PAM or PAM Cartage qualify for the contest (except Mentor candidates who are already PAM drivers).
    • Plus, the PAM Recruiting Department will share a leaderboard periodically so everyone knows the current standings for potential bonus payouts.

Start Referring Today to Earn Your First Bonus Check

Referrals must be submitted between 04/1/2022 and 06/30/2022, to qualify. The employee with the biggest bonus payout will be announced on 07/14/2022.

For questions contact:
Chelsea Wood at robic@pamt.com and Cole Fritschen fritc@pamt.com