PAM office and shop employees can earn thousands in bonus cash by referring drivers to become a PAM Mentor. All referrals must be in between July 14 through September 30, 2024, with top bonus payouts announced on October 3. The more referrals that get accepted as PAM mentors, the bigger the bonus checks this summer!

Make A Referral
RPM - Refer to PAM for Money. PAM's Driver Referral Program

Every Mentor Referral Earns You a $150 Bonus

Simply speak to a current PAM driver and see if they are interested in Mentorship. Let them know they can increase their annual salary by as much as $25,000 by becoming a PAM Mentor!

For every driver you refer, you get a $150 bonus once they’re approved as a PAM Certified Mentor. There is no limit to how many referrals you can make, so why wait?

How to Earn Your Referral Bonus

Here’s how the contest works:

  • Speak to a current PAM driver and see if they are interested in becoming a PAM Mentor, so they can increase their earning power.
    • Mentor Criteria:
      • If the driver is a graduate from the CDL School at PAM, they need to have at least three months’ experience before they can apply. If they are experienced drivers (at least 6 months total), they must have driven for 14 days with PAM before they can apply. Safety requires 14 days of good logs to qualify for Mentorship.
  • Submit referral information using the form on this page.
    • The referred driver’s information is then routed to the Driver Resources department.
    • Driver Resources then reaches out to the driver about Mentorship.
    • The driver is then onboarded into the Mentorship program.
    • Payroll is then notified to submit your bonus.
    • On October 3, PAM will announce the employees who got the biggest bonus payouts!
  • Bonus Schedule:
    • Mentor: $150 upon each approval for Mentorship by the Student Department.

Plus, PAM Driver Resources will share a leaderboard periodically so everyone knows the current standings for potential bonus payouts.

Start Referring Today to Earn Your First Bonus Check

Referrals must be submitted between 07/14/2024 through 09/30/2024. The employee with the biggest bonus payout will be announced on 10/3/2024.

For questions contact:
Chelsea Wood at robic@pamt.com and Cole Fritschen fritc@pamt.com