PAM office and shop employees can earn thousands in bonus cash by referring drivers to join our “PAMily” between October 11 and December 31, 2021. The more referrals that get hired, the bigger the bonus check, which means you can spend big during the holiday season!

Make A Referral
RPM - Refer to PAM for Money. PAM's Driver Referral Program

Just 5 Referred Hires Can Earn You $2,000 in Bonus Cash

Know someone who’s stuck in a career rut? With the Refer to PAM for Money program, you can help them find their dream job, while your bonuses keep growing with every driver hired. You can earn $2,000 for just five referrals if they all are hired! That equals a lot more gifts under the tree this Christmas.

How to Earn Thousands in Referral Cash

Here’s how the contest works:
  • Speak to either a former driver or a new driver about working at PAM.
  • Submit referral information in the form on this web page.
  • After you make the referral, the driver’s information is assigned to a PAM recruiter.
  • The recruiter reaches out to the driver.
  • The driver is hired and dispatched.
  • Payroll is notified by Recruiting to submit the bonus.
    Here’s how the Bonus Schedule works:
    • 1st Hire = $200
    • 2nd Hire = $350
    • 3rd Hire = $450
    • 4th Hire = $500
    • Every driver hired after = $500 (This means you can earn $2,000 for just 5 hired drivers!)
Plus, the PAM Recruiting Department will share a leaderboard periodically so everyone knows the current standings.

Which Drivers are Eligible to Refer?

See below for the types of drivers that are eligible for you to refer. Even if only one of your referrals gets hired, that’s an extra $200 in holiday spending cash!

  • New drivers (all drivers not currently working for PAM or PAM Cartage)
  • Former drivers
  • Owner-operators

Start Referring Today & Start Your Holiday Shopping

Referrals must be submitted between October 11 and December 31, 2021 to qualify. Bonus Winners will be announced on January 14, 2022.

For questions contact:
Gary Kirby at Or Chelsea Wood at