PAM Veteran Driver Featured on “Military Makeover” Show

PAM Transport serves those who served our country by employing U.S. veterans to drive our 2,500 trucks and 6,000 trailers across the U.S. and Mexico, as well as serving on our logistics, office, and shop teams. Currently, 10 percent of PAM’s entire workforce is comprised of veterans and more are joining the PAM ranks every day. After leaving their military family, these veterans have found a new civilian family with the transportation industry, including PAM Owner Operator Jeremiah L. King, who was recently featured on Lifetime’s “Military Makeover” show.

PAM: A Natural Transition for Accomplishing New Missions Every Day

“Military Makeover” filmed an episode in San Antonio, Texas, where Jeremiah finished his life as a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman and began his new civilian life with a career at PAM Transport. Jeremiah wanted to better utilize the machine operation skills he’d developed during almost 20 years in the Navy, while being able to spend more time with his family. He says PAM understood his home time needs, especially given the fact that his military service put him in the line of fire during much of his time away from his family.

Now, rather than worrying about his safety, Jeremiah’s wife Stephanie and her children get to look forward to him coming home safely every week from his PAM dedicated routes.

“We still get excited waiting for you [Jeremiah] to get home,” said Stephanie, during the show’s filming.

But just because his civilian life is safer, doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games, according to Jeremiah.

“Anyone who thinks trucking will always be easy, smooth sailing is not realistic,” he says. “But as long as you equip yourself, you can pretty much weather anything that’s going to come across your bow.”

It’s this can-do, task-focused dedication that helped Jeremiah finish in the top 10 for the Transition Trucking: Driving for Excellence Award. After educational training with the Honor Road program, Jeremiah served as a PAM team driver and then switched to a dedicated solo position where he could be home every week. Now he is his own boss as a PAM Owner Operator who drives a dedicated lane.

“Choosing PAM was the best choice I could make for a second career,” he says.

Why PAM Values Those Who Served

PAM’s CEO and President Dan Cushman did not serve in the military, but he sees former military servicemen and women as possessing the ideal qualities for a career in transportation: dedication to accomplishing a daily mission, whether it’s a challenging truck route or solving a logistical issue. This is why he emphasizes seeking out veterans to join the PAM fleet.

“I ask them, ‘What it is it you like about PAM Transport?’ because I want to learn from them, and they like the fact we’re very task oriented,” Dan says. “We have a mission to accomplish every day.”

Dan adds that he is honored to have former military on the PAM team, not just because of what they’ve accomplished for our country, but for what they bring to the civilian workplace every day.

“They’re people who come to work with a purpose,” he says. “They want to be a part of a family, and we feel we offer that to them.”

On the Road to Civilian Life with the Honor Road Apprenticeship Program

Because PAM is proud to work with former U.S. servicemen and -women, the company offers career transition assistance through its Honor Road program with paid, on-the-job training. PAM can also help veterans take advantage of the tax-free monthly housing allowance from the V.A.

In addition to working with Hiring Our Heroes, PAM honors veterans through its Patriot Ride Fleet, where a PAM employee who served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines drives one of the four Patriot Ride trucks devoted to each of the major divisions of the U.S. military. These drivers serve as “ambassadors” who continue to serve their country by delivering products that keep America moving.

New career opportunities await U.S. military servicemen and -women looking to start civilian careers as team, dedicated, or local drivers, or even as an Owner Operator thanks to PAM’s class-leading lease program. Learn more about how PAM wants to serve those who served our country by viewing the “Military Makeover” episode featuring Jeremiah and his family.