Rewarding Truck Drivers for High Fuel Efficiency

PAM Transport is always looking for ways to put money in its drivers’ pockets.

That’s why PAM decided to develop a Fuel Team to reward fuel-efficient and accident-free drivers in 2011. The Fuel Team then decided to create a fuel efficiency program called “MISSION MPG.”

This program awards drivers extra bonuses and cash prizes for monitoring their fuel efficiency and getting the highest MPG possible. Drivers compete against other company drivers and those that perform in the top 40%, 25%, and 10% of their peer group are eligible to win the top prizes.

Mission MPG Awards

Mission MPG finalists displaying the checks they received for maintaining good fuel efficiency.

Mission MPG finalists displaying the checks they received for maintaining good fuel efficiency.To determine how each driver who participates is doing, fuel data is collected every day to know driver’s distance, fuel used, speed, total Idle, time in top gear, and time in cruise control.

PAM’s Fuel Efficiency M-I-S-S-I-O-N

Here is a list of ways MISSION MPG drivers maximize their fuel efficiency, which any truck driver can use to save fuel and cut costs. Your M-I-S-S-I-O-N, if you choose to accept it, is:

M: Minimizing RPMs

Use cruise control in top gear whenever possible. The difference between 54 MPH in 9th gear v. 10th gear is 1.0 MPG, and using cruise will minimize RPM fluctuations.

Or, let it roll! Disable the jake brake when coasting to a stop. The Jake is an important safety feature to assist with speed reduction in emergencies, but it increases RPMs, thereby decreasing MPGs.

I: Idle Off

Whenever possible, turn your truck off. For every hour of idle, a truck uses one gallon of fuel.

S: Speed

Reduce your speed whenever practical. For every mile-per-hour reduction in speed while in top gear, an additional 0.1 MPG can be achieved.

S: Shifting Techniques

Progressive shift is the quickest and most economical way to get your truck up to cruising speed. It minimizes RPM fluctuations and keeps the engine near peak torque and horsepower.

I: Inflation and Inspection

Check your tire pressures daily. Maintaining steers at 110 lbs. and drive tires at 100 lbs. will significantly reduce rolling resistance. Every 10 PSI below these thresholds results in 0.05 MPG loss.

Also make sure to check your fluid levels daily and top them off as needed for peak truck efficiency.

O: On-Time Maintenance

Make sure you get your preventive maintenance services done on time. Proper on-time maintenance will ensure your truck is running at peak efficiency.

N: Narrow the Gap

By minimizing the gap between the tractor and trailer, you can improve aerodynamics. Having a gap in excess of 30 inches can increase drag by over 2%.

Increase Fuel Efficiency and Win Prizes by Accepting the MISSION

Now that you are in the know, you can use these tips to reduce your MPG on the road and save money in the process.

And if you’re a PAM driver, make sure you’re signed up for the MISSION MPG program so you can get your MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and earn cash and prizes!

Fuel Efficiency Grand Prize Winner

Mission MPG Grand Prize Winner Shaun Nixon (left) with PAM President and CEO Dan Cushman (right).

Throughout the year, PAM Transport awards over $600,000 in cash and prizes through the MISSION MPG program. Quarterly prizes include cash bonuses, iPhones, iPads, and Visa gift cards. The Grand Prize Winner receives a Harley Davidson, and four runners up receive Honda ATVs. Take a look at these photos of this year’s awards ceremony!

For more information about MISSION MPG, or to enroll in the program, please send an email to fuel@pamt.com with the subject line “MISSION MPG.”

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