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As the Irregular Route Operations Manager at PAM Transport, Jon Tomandao manages multiple team drivers who have been together at PAM for several years. Why? Well for one, team drivers always have a partner to take the wheel when it’s time for a rest break. The road feels a lot less lonely when you can ask your PAM partner for advice or to help spot when backing a load.

“When you first join a driving team, it doesn’t take long to realize a big benefit is having someone nearby who always has your back,” says Jon. “Driving as a team brings its own rewards.”

But now there are $24,000-plus reasons to team with PAM, and more.

Team Up and Hit the Gas on Pay

Now with more CPM and a $24,000 team signing bonus ($5,000 per driver), partnering up at PAM means you can start living your best life. PAM team drivers can earn up to 42% more than solo drivers, especially at .50 CPM per team and averaging as many as 5,500 miles per week.

If you don’t currently have a partner in mind, PAM can pair you with a compatible driver. And did we mention the great medical & dental benefits, plus matched 401K?

Here’s why now is the perfect time to partner up with PAM:

  • Experienced teams now start at .50 CPM and all new teams get a $24,000 signing bonus.
  • Student teams start at .48 CPM and move to .50 CPM within their first 90 days.
  • PAM teams get first dibs at expedited freight, which means more miles – and more cash.

Enjoy Partner Perks

“What makes teaming work is that nobody’s the boss,” says Chris Frantz, who is a PAM Owner Operator team driver with his wife Shawna Frantz.

“We’re a team,” says Chris. “I handle the truck side of it, the maintenance and things, while she handles the bookkeeping and finances. I have 100-percent confidence in her. She’s better than any male partner they ever put me with.”

After driving over 20 years together at PAM, Chris and Shawna have enjoyed numerous perks of team driving, including:

  • Each always has a second pair of eyes when loading and unloading and navigating through challenging situations, like inclement weather.
  • For spouses and family-member teams, partnering up on the road means more quality time together. 
  • Teams are often chosen to mentor other drivers because they’re already accustomed to sharing the road. Mentorship can lead to more miles and earnings, and can position drivers for management careers.

Partner Up & Accelerate Your Career

Now teams can start earning sooner with our Straight to Seat Online Orientation. Because drivers can participate in orientation at home, they can finish orientation faster and start earning sooner.

So what are you waiting for? Accelerate your earning power at PAM by applying today at

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