Expedited Division

There’s always freight for teams at PAM. As a team driver in our OTR fleet, you’ll be eligible to make these runs, making sure to keep you on the road.

Support System

Whenever you start something new, it’s always good to have a second set of eyes. That’s one of the main reasons we encourage new drivers to team.

Time Together

You can pick who you team with. So if you have a friend or spouse in mind, let us know. We also match solos with compatible drivers since a team needs to get along.


For a driver’s first 12 months of OTR

Position Average CPM Average Weekly Miles Average Weekly Gross
Solo Driver $.0275 2,500 $687.50
Team Driver $0.175 4,500 $787.50
Team Hazmat Driver $0.220 4,500 $990.00

Why Team Up?

Even if you don’t drive Hazmat, a Team position will yield significantly more pay.

Solo Driver

As a green Solo driver, you’ll make in your first year an average of

Team Hazmat Driver

Meanwhile, the average first-year salary for a Team Hazmat driver is

That’s $14,770 more, or 42%!