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Give Yourself a Nice Raise.

Earn Up to 42% More by Teaming

As a green Solo driver, you’ll make in your first year an average of


Meanwhile, the average first-year salary for a Team Hazmat driver is


That’s $14,770 more, or 42%.

Even if you don’t drive Hazmat, a Team position will yield significantly more pay.

Solo vs. Team Pay for a Driver’s First 12 Months of OTR

Position Average CPM Average Weekly Miles Average Weekly Gross
Solo Driver $0.275 2,500 $687.50
Team Driver $0.175 4,500 $787.50
Team Hazmat Driver $0.220 4,500 $990.00

Other Benefits of Teaming

Expedited Division

Teams are part of a special priority division where there’s always freight. As a team driver in our OTR fleet, you’ll be eligible to make these runs, keeping you on the road.

Support System

Whenever you start something new, it’s always good to have a second set of eyes. That’s one of the main reasons we encourage new drivers to team.

Time Together

You can pick who you team with. So if you have a friend or spouse in mind, let us know. We also match solos with compatible drivers since a team needs to get along.