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PAM Driver Recognition Program Salutes Truck Driving Safety Excellence

At PAM Transport, truck driving safety is essential to our culture, and it’s one of the many reasons Clyde Hill came out of retirement to join PAM in 2015 as a Driver Mentor. In addition to the Safety Bonus Program, he’s a big fan of our Safe Driver Ring program. After just one year of accident/incident-free driving, PAM drivers receive a stainless steel ring. 

One small diamond is added for each year of accident/incident-free driving for the next eight years. At 10 years of accident/incident-free driving, one large center diamond is added. As drivers continue to rack up more years of safe road miles, the rewards become even more impressive, including a gold Seiko watch and a gold ring.

“That ring is a nice recognition for doing what you try to do on a daily basis,” Clyde says, “Which is to try and make sure that you are able to get to and from each destination safely.”

Justin Maples Earns Coveted Gold Watch Award for Truck Driving Safety

The PAM Seiko gold watch is awarded to truck drivers with 11 years of accident/incident-free driving. PAM is proud to announce that PAM driver Justin Maples just won the gold Seiko!

If you were to ask Justin about his truck driving record, he would likely respond with “It’s just another day at the office,” as he considers safety part of the job. But 11 years without an accident or incident is worth celebrating, as well as his leadership as a PAM Driver Mentor.

Justin has mentored several students who are now safely driving solo, thanks to his knowledge and guidance. His fellow students say he is “always talking” about safety and that his safety-first mindset is contagious. We consider Justin to be a bit of a marvel, but he takes all of the attention in stride, according to his Driver Manager, Coty Easter.

“Justin is one of our most-tenured and appreciated drivers,” Coty says. “He enjoys ‘driving nails’ and designing schematics for his cabinet building endeavors during his downtime.”

How PAM Truck Drivers Earn Safe Driver Rings & More

For our new drivers, PAM begins awarding safe driving at three months of accident/incident-free driving with a Safe Driver Cap. After six months, you can receive the Safe Driving Jacket.

And the safe truck driving awards just keep coming at PAM:

  • The Safe Driver Ring is a stainless steel ring awarded after one year of accident/incident-free driving.
  • One small diamond is added each year of safe driving for the next eight years.
  • One large center diamond is added for 10 years of accident/incident-free driving.
  • A gold Seiko watch is awarded after 11 years of safe driving.
  • One small diamond is added to the Seiko watch for each year of accident/incident-free driving for the next four years.
  • The coveted 10K gold Safe Driver Ring is awarded after 16 years without accidents or incidents.
  • One small diamond is added to the 10K gold Safe Driver Ring for each year of accident/incident-free driving for the next eight years.
  • One large center diamond is added for 25 years of accident/incident-free driving.

Ready to Work for a Company That Values Driver Safety?

In addition to our Driver Recognition Program, PAM offers numerous bonuses and financial incentives for truck driving safety. Our MISSION MPG program awards truck drivers over $600,000 annually in cash and prizes for safety and fuel efficiency. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bonus earning opportunities at PAM Transport.

We would love to tell you a little more about all the other offers that make PAM the premier trucking company for both new and experienced drivers across the country. Give us a call at (866) 401-2496, or SEE AVAILABLE JOBS by clicking below.

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