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Why OTR Truck Drivers Choose PAM

Whether you are an experienced driver or just out of school, choosing an OTR trucking company to work with is an important decision. Having a full understanding of the benefits offered, how those benefits play out in real life, and how OTR truck drivers are supported within the organization is crucial for making an educated decision. 

Salary expectations surrounding cents per mile (CPM), company culture and other benefits should be closely considered before making a commitment. At PAM Transport, the benefits of working with us are grounded in over 30 years of experience as an OTR trucking company. We take our drivers’ needs seriously and strive to ensure that they are treated like family from day one.

Starting Out on the Right Tire (Foot)

From the moment an OTR truck driver begins working with PAM, we make it a priority to get a paycheck in their hands as soon as possible. This begins with an expedited, virtual, on-boarding program, to get drivers ready to roll quickly. We offer paid training with our driver mentors and other experts so that even during the on-boarding process, new drivers see a paycheck. 

PAM also just raised the CPM for our solo OTR truck drivers and we have no raise caps, so solo OTR drivers can earn up to $6,500 more a year — and keep earning more. We also offer up to an additional $9,000 a year in performance bonuses. PAM teams earn even more, thanks to CPM raises for both new and experienced team drivers. Plus, we just added $24,000 in team performance bonuses, where you and your driving partner can earn up to $2,000 in monthly bonus cash ($1,000 each).

Of course, the real earning power comes with consistent miles, for a consistent weekly paycheck. Sure, some transportation companies tout a high CPM to garner interest, but PAM is more concerned with how the rubber really meets the road. Because miles have to be driven to be paid out, a higher CPM may not be all that it seems. Unlike some OTR trucking companies, consistent miles at PAM are always a sure bet. Hear from real-life PAM drivers about the benefits of steady miles in our recent blog about driver pay.

Additionally, if you decide you’re ready to become your own boss, PAM can introduce you to our affordable lease-to-own (LTO) options with PAM Cartage Carriers (PCC). Our PCC LTO drivers can pull in as much as $1,600 to $1,800 a week in take-home income, and we only require 90 days of driving experience for lease eligibility.

An Immediate PAMily for OTR Truck Drivers

At PAM, we treat our OTR truck drivers like family. We strive to show them that we value them from the moment they come on board. We offer competitive compensation and benefit packages, as well as other financial incentives such as fuel efficiency and referral bonuses, as well as per diem options with tax benefits, all available immediately. 

Another way we do this is by prioritizing our OTR support resources. Our dispatch, administrative and management teams work hard to maintain knowledgeable individuals that can be counted on to have our drivers’ backs on the road. And when not on the road, drivers enjoy company picnics, cookouts and other appreciation events with contests and more.

Not that we expect it, but it is always possible for something to fall through the cracks. That’s why we created, by request, our Driver Advisory Council. The council is made up of 20 current drivers (solo, expedited teams, mentors and more) that meet quarterly to address any concerns our drivers might have. It’s like a family meeting, but without Great Aunt Bessie pinching your cheeks. 

The More You Know

These are just a few examples of how digging a little deeper and understanding how an OTR trucking company’s benefits really work, and how making the most of them, can increase your income. PAM tries to make the research process and understanding easy by offering full transparency from the beginning of our relationship. These are all just a few reasons why so many OTR truck drivers choose PAM.

Are you interested in learning more about how PAM can make your career goals a reality? We would love to tell you a little more about these and all the other offers that make PAM the premiere OTR trucking company for both new and experienced drivers across the country. Give us a call at (866) 401-2496, or SEE AVAILABLE JOBS by clicking below.

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