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5 Things That Can Go Wrong with Truck Freight

If you’ve never taken a moment to think about what it takes to move truck freight from start to finish, you should. It’s an eye-opening experience. For every load we haul, dozens and dozens of people and countless man-hours are involved in making it happen — and, of course, this translates to expenses that must…
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How PAM’s TPI Scorecard Improves Driver-Driver Manager Relationships

In late 2015, the PAM operations team rolled out a new internal tool called the Transportation Performance, Inc. scorecard (TPI scorecard) to improve fleet performance, better driver-driver manager relationships, and help PAM drivers enjoy greater success at PAM Transport. Each week, PAM driver managers are required to enter information about all of their drivers —…
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How to Handle the Electronic Logging Device Rule if You Have Older Equipment

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, all commercial motor carriers who are subject to the electronic logging device (ELD) rule must be in compliance with the new regulations by December 18, 2017. That applies to Owner Operators and the date is fast approaching! So, what do you do if you’re driving an older…
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Tips in Case You Have to Call Road Rescue

Darryl Rogers, aka “Hondo,” works for the PAM Road Rescue Department but that he has plenty of first-hand experience as a driver, having begun his career at PAM Transport in 1995 as a fleet member. After driving with PAM for five years, he became a part of our office staff as a log counselor. Old…
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Building Truck Driving Careers at PAM Transport

At PAM Transport, we put an emphasis on helping our drivers develop true truck driving careers by giving them plenty of opportunities to gain experience, increase their earning potential, and develop as professionals. This shows in the way PAM has created a number of programs designed to provide drivers with options and maximize their earning…
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Meet John Castellano, PAM Driver and 9/11 First Responder

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY in the early ’70s, John Castellano was an avid reader and collector of superhero comics. With Captain America as his all-time favorite hero and the lessons offered from fantastic adventures, it is no surprise that Castellano would gravitate to a life of public service. “Even as a young kid, I…
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The 5 Keys to Truck Driving Safety

Truck driving safety is something every truck driver thinks about, but how do you put what you’ve learned about it into practice? As professionals, we have the responsibility to not only learn truck driving safety but also utilize any resource we can to reduce the chance of accidents, protecting ourselves and the motoring public. Harold…
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Winter Trucking & Chain Use

As you are no doubt aware, the winter months are here. With the changing season, you’ll need to be watching for changing road conditions, be prepared for inclement weather, and put your winter trucking hat on. Winter trucking will require additional equipment to be kept on the truck, such as extra clothing, food, water, and…
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Why Truck Driver Logs Are So Important

When applying for a promotion, such as to become a mentor, drivers must be cleared by PAM Transport's Log Department, which performs an audit and ensures that drivers have been filling out the load tab in their truck driver logs and staying within the guidelines of the 11-, 14-, and 70-hour regulations. All work, such as…
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How the Transflo App Speeds Up Document Processing

Many PAM Transportation drivers remember the days of paper logs, stopping to find a pay phone (inside, if you were lucky) to call dispatch (sometimes having to wait in line), writing all your dispatch information down on a notepad, and hoping your directions were correct, with no other way to communicate. In the 1990s, cell…
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