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The 5 Keys to Truck Driving Safety

Truck driving safety is something every truck driver thinks about, but how do you put what you’ve learned about it into practice? As professionals, we have the responsibility to not only learn truck driving safety but also utilize any resource we can to reduce the chance of accidents, protecting ourselves and the motoring public. Harold…
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Winter Trucking & Chain Use

As you are no doubt aware, the winter months are here. With the changing season, you’ll need to be watching for changing road conditions, be prepared for inclement weather, and put your winter trucking hat on. Winter trucking will require additional equipment to be kept on the truck, such as extra clothing, food, water, and…
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Why Truck Driver Logs Are So Important

When applying for a promotion, such as to become a mentor, drivers must be cleared by PAM Transport's Log Department, which performs an audit and ensures that drivers have been filling out the load tab in their truck driver logs and staying within the guidelines of the 11-, 14-, and 70-hour regulations. All work, such as…
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How the Transflo App Speeds Up Document Processing

Many PAM Transportation drivers remember the days of paper logs, stopping to find a pay phone (inside, if you were lucky) to call dispatch (sometimes having to wait in line), writing all your dispatch information down on a notepad, and hoping your directions were correct, with no other way to communicate. In the 1990s, cell…
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How We’re Celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

September 11 – 17, 2016 We appreciate our professional PAM drivers all 52 weeks out of the year, but in the month of September we draw special attention to how much we owe them by celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week! This year, during the week of September 11 – September 17, we will be show our…
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Announcing the PAM Drivers of the Year

We’re proud to announce PAM Drivers of the Year for 2015! These hardworking, professional drivers set the standard for all of us here at PAM. Driver of the Year 2015 — Mike Slocum [caption id="attachment_23567" align="alignright" width="300"] PAM President & CEO Dan Cushman, PAM Driver of the Year Mike Slocum, and PAM COO Matt Herndon.[/caption] Mike…
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3 PAM Drivers Are in the Arkansas Trucking Championship!

This year PAM Transport has three drivers participating in the Arkansas Trucking Championship! An annual event put on by the Arkansas Trucking Association, the championship runs from July 14–16, 2016 at the John Q. Hammons Center in Rogers, Ark. PAM Drivers Participating This Year Three drivers will be representing PAM in this year’s competition. To…
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Choosing the Right Truck Driver Shoes

When you do your pre-trip and see your tread is wearing, you make sure you get a new tire, right? Well, have you pre-tripped yourself lately? How are your truck driver shoes looking? Is your tread wearing a bit? Maybe it’s time for a new pair of work shoes and, better yet, running shoes for…
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How to Prepare for Roadcheck 2016

International Roadcheck 2016 is right around the corner from June 7–9. It may only be three days for most truck drivers, but for PAM truck drivers, we treat every day as an inspection day! Roadcheck 2016 is our opportunity to show thousands of DOT officers nationwide that we are a fleet of professional drivers by passing…
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Tornado Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

According to FEMA, tornadoes are most common from March to August and more likely to occur between 3 pm and 9 pm. But tornadoes may strike with no warning and can occur at any time. Expert opinion varies when it comes to tornado safety tips you should follow if you find yourself trapped on the…
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